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Ar11 Grille-Free Speaker
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Price: $400.00

Product Code: AR11

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Ar11 grille-free speaker. Sold in eaches.
Ar11 Intro

Patented Design
The Ar11 uses our patent for constrained layer damping systems, a sophisticated method of tuning a flat diaphragm for perfect performance. You'll hear rich bass to 45 Hz, clear midrange — especially noticeable in the vocal range — and detailed high frequencies to 20,000 Hz.

Snap-Fit Installation
No tools required. Just cut a hole and snap in place. Can be installed in new construction (with the Ar Bracket) or as a retrofit in existing walls.

The Ar11 is pre-finished with a ceiling white paint to match most rooms, or you can paint the speaker to match.

Can Be Used In Environmental Extremes
The Ar11 withstands heat, cold, humidity, and moisture, and can be used in marine applications, indoors and out.

Protected From Abuse
An in-line protection circuit shields the speaker from excessive power and electrical spikes.
Why This Product Is Better Than The Competition

That's a trick, of course. Because no other manufacturer has a grille-free distributed audio speaker.

Good engineering, and innovative patents allowed us to explore a new category of speakers: Grille-Free. We combined our elegant flat-panel design (with its broad dispersion and smooth tonal balance) with a speaker requiring no tools, no drywall work, and no painting.

The result is a line of grille-free speakers that look fantastic in the most elegant homes, while meeting the audio demands of discerning homeowners.

Hiding grilles has always plagued the audio industry. A necessary evil, we've all worked to reduce a grille's visual intrusion. In the 1980s the industry moved from fabric covered grilles (which yellowed quite easily) to stamped metal friction-fit grilles housed in a wide bezel (which tended to squeeze loose over time).

15 years later the industry introduced slim-bezel and 'no bezel' designs to satisfy the demands of interior designers. And while the new grilles were a visual improvement, they didn't address the 'gray ceiling blob' problem of a stamped grille.

Invisible speakers (particularly our Live-Wall products) solved the aesthetic problem, but introduced added installation costs.

Our new Ar grille-free speakers overcome installation impediments at a particularly attractive price point, making these products one of the most exciting breakthroughs in whole-house audio.

Mono Adaptor Ar11 Bracket Ar11 Box 70V Adaptor
Price: $50.00
Price: $40.00
Price: $250.00
Price: $50.00
Mono Adaptor Ar11 Bracket Ar11 Box 70V Adaptor