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Price: $700.00

Product Code: AR40

Product Details Specs
Ultra-compact in-wall speaker with aluminum frame and floating grille.

Smaller than a book, the Ar40 plays low and loud thanks to its combination of a rigid aluminum + HDF frame, and our proprietary high power-handling drivers. Only 6x10", but perfect for small theaters and distributed audio systems.

Aluminum Frame
A machined aluminum frame adhered to an HDF baffle creates a rigid base for the proprietary midrange and tweeter and permits flush mounting to walls.

Custom-built Drivers
We developed a high power handling midrange for the Ar40 that plays low and loud, belying the small size of the speaker.

Floating Grilles
Our elegant custom-punched floating grilles hide all hardware and driver elements. Grilles can be painted and are weatherproof for use in kitchens and baths.
Why This Product Is Better Than The Competition

Where to start? There isn't another ultra-compact in-wall speaker like the Ar40. Most in-wall speakers are plastic. Cheap plastic. And while plastic dominates the world of distributed audio, it's a pretty awful material for a speaker frame. You see, speakers exert force on the frame when playing loud or low. A wobbly frame -- like plastic -- can't hold the speaker elements firmly. So during loud or low passages, the frame contorts, and this contortion saps energy that would emanate into the room. You lose bass, and you lose crispness.

But not the Ar40. We use a machined aluminum frame adhered to a 1" chunk of high density fiberboard (HDF). Rigid? You bet. Which means we can squeeze out every last drop of bass and impact.

But there's more. Because the design goal of the Ar40 was an exercise in shrinking. I wanted the output of a large speaker in a tiny form factor. That forced us to experiment with traditional transducer design (that's our stuffy word for woofers and tweeters) so we could get the output of a 6.5" bass unit with a 4" cone. We made quick work of that, with a large voice coil to dissipate heat, a large motor structure to drive the cone, and an anodized aluminum cone to handle the power.

And then there's the tweeter. A custom-designed neodymium-based tweeter that handles gobs of power without distortion. Paired with the bass unit and a fancy crossover replete with high-voltage bypass capacitors, and you've got a powerhouse of a speaker that fits into a soffit.

Other companies make small speakers. But they're toy-like when compared to the Ar40.